Please read before ordering FROZEN BAITS:

Someone must be present at time of order delivery for product guarantee to apply.

We recommend all boxes be opened and inspected upon arrival. Once shipment is accepted, all guarantees and/or claims are null and void and the order is deemed completed at that time. 

Bait Kits

  • Creme Lures Pond Favorites Kit

    Creme Lures Pond Favorites Kit

    Great on all kinds of gamefish, the lures in Creme Lures Pond Favorites Hardbait/Topwater Assortment travel on or near the top of the water to attract the attention of hungry fish below. Durable lure bodies have been crafted with superb coloration and...

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  • Creme Spoiler Shad Kit

    Creme Spoiler Shad Kit

    The Crème® Spoiler Shad Kit is made up of popular soft-body swimbaits that have a weight and hook molded in. The holographic shimmer that runs through the body sends light in every direction and serves as an attractant for fish. The...

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